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For all owners of the family-oriented Tibetan Terrier, it has been a joy to produce our Tibetan Terrier flowerpot stake. 


With lovely detailing that brings out the double coat characteristics of the breed, our Tibetan Terrier flower stake makes a truly fabulous gift for all admirers of this adaptable dog.


Why not enhance your home or garden decor by adding this little Tibetan Terrier stake to your floral displays, and show off your love for this lively breed at the same time


With a choice of three different stakes, our Tibetan Terrier stake also makes a lovely and sentimental pet memorial personalised if desired with an inscribed plaque 

Tibetan Terrier Flowerpot Stake

  • 3mm thick metal TibetanTerrier silhouette

    Extra strong 5mm thick metal stake (150mm tall)

    Powder coated finish (rust and weather proof)

    Personalisation (optional)


    Delivery: Without plaque 1-2 Days / With plaque 3-5 Days

  • Dependant upon your choice of stake, delivery would be 1-2 working days if no plaque is required or 3-5 days working days if a plaque is required

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