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All You Need To Know About Our Box Seats


Quality hardwood blocks



Sides Can Be Inscribed


Powder Coated Finish

Made From Durable British Steel

Strong 5mm Thick

Any Theme

Your choice of animal

or theme


Folded Plinth adds


Metal Work

British Sourced


The sides of our seats are produced from 5mm thick British steel, making them very strong and sturdy.  We also incorporate a 'folded plinth' on our seats which means the base of ours seats have a fold, which adds to the strength and makes the seat very stable. Bolt holes are also included for securing to the ground if required





The wooden blocks for our seats are produced from quality hardwood, which means they are hard-wearing and perfect for the outdoors. 



Powder Coated


All our seats have a powder-coated finish which requires little maintenance and provides excellent weather-resistant properties. Our standard colour finish is 'Satin Black' but we can offer a large range of different colours



Make it Personal


To make your seat truly unique and memorable, we can also incorporate words, names etc into the sides  A personalised seat can make a very touching pet memorial not to mention a wonderful gift for any special occasion


Flat Pack

Low Cost Shipping


We have designed our seats so they can be shipped flat-pack, thus reducing the price of the shipping as well as offering the opportunity to store your seat away during the winter months, if desired. Assembly of our seats are very easy and full instructions are supplied.

Gift or Pet Memorial

A unique Anniversary, Birthday or Wedding gift, or a truly 'one-off' pet memorial, whatever the occasion or reason, our seats offer something different that will be treasured for years to come  

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