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All You Need To Know About Our Statues


Sides Can Be Inscribed

Isolated copy.jpg

Made From Durable British Steel

Strong 5mm Thick

Aesthetic Design

No visbile welds or ugly joins

Self Standing

Large base allows statue to self-standing


Metal Work

British Sourced


The metal work for our silhouette statues are all produced from quality metal. We ensure the statues are robust and strong by producing them from 5mm thick material.


Powder Coated


All our statues have a powder coated finish which requires little maintenance and provides excellent weather resistant properties. Our standard colour finish is 'Satin Black' but we can offer a large range of different colours



Plaque or Inscription


If desired, we can add a self-adhesive brass plaque to your statue or inscribe names, words , dates etc into the side. This makes a very touching, elegant and stylish pet memorial


Aesthetic Design

Hand Crafted

We hand-craft the base of our statues so there is no visible joins or ugly welds on show. This leaves an aesthetic clean design with striking lines, which makes the silhouette statue even more eye-catching 



Gift or Pet Memorial

A stylish and elegant pet memorial as well as a lovely addition to any garden decor

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