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It all started sat in a cafe sheltering from the rain, chatting over a cup of coffee

Looking out through the window watching people running for shelter we happened to spot a dog standing by a bench. I said "look at that dog by the bench", my friend thought I said "look at that dog bench"


And that was it, two simple words 'dog bench' that made us think how nice it would be to produce benches in the themes of dogs, and then we thought horses and.....our list went on and on !

And so, here we are a few years later with a website, a growing list of valued customers and an ever increasing range of products that now does not just consist of benches, but planters, statues, seats,and more.


Our Philosphy


It's got to be the best it can be


From our very first bench, which took 7 different prototypes to ensure we got it right, we've always stood by our promise to ourselves that we will only make products that we ourselves would be happy to buy.

From the quality of materials used, to its aesthetic appeal,our heart and sole goes into each and every design


Pricing is very important to us and we always strive to give our customers the best value for money we can.

We like to refer to this as 'Honest' value for money



Our Capabilities


Innovative products


Benches, planters, statues and more, our product ideas are hard to sometimes keep a lid on.


We pride ourselves on being able to always meet our customers requirements, so whatever the request, a beautiful pet memorial bench, an unsual themed planter, we would love to hear from you 



Like what you see ?


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