Animal Themed Garden Planters 


 Animal Themed Planters - What would you like ?

If you can't find the animal of your choice in our above selection, then not to worry, simply use the form below to tell us what you would like and we would love to produce your desired planter for you.

To ensure you will be happy with the design we will send you an image to show how it will look prior to taking your order

Frequently asked questions

Our Planters

What size flower pots can the planters hold

We have designed our planters to hold 9" diameter flower pots, so the flower pots are held in place just below the rim. You can use larger flower pots if you wish, it just means the pots will stand a little higher in the planter

Are the planters weather proof

Yes, our Planters undergo a process to ensure they are completely rust proof and weather proof

Can I have a different colour other than Black

Yes, we use black as standard for all our silhouette themes, but if you would like your planter in a a different colour, this would be fine. A small surcharge may apply if we have to purchase the paint especially for you - please ask for details

Are they easy to assemble

Very easy, and with the assembly instructions provided, you'll have your planter built and showcasing your flowers in no time !

Do you offer your planters for any animal theme other than dogs

Yes, we can offer our planters to the animal theme of your choosing - simply let us know what you would like and we will send you an image showing how your planter will look

Can you make your planters bigger than what is shown

Absolutely, if you would like your planter made to a larger scale to hold more than two flower pots, then this would not be a problem. We would be happy to offer a quotation based on whatever size you would like

Can you make a 'one pot' planter

Yes, whilst we can offer our planters in both one pot and two pot sizes, the size of the pot shelf will effect the overall size of the animal sides, The bigger the pot shelf the bigger the animal sides have to be. For this reason, and to keep certain animal sizes in proportion, we only offer a one pot version on smaller types of animals (i.e. smaller dog breeds, rabbits etc) .

Can I personalise my planter

Yes and this is a lovely touch. You can add name(s) or lettering to one side or both sides if you wish - we just charge a nominal fee of £ 15.00 to cover costs. If you personalise your planter then we recommend changing the colour of the flower pots to contrast with the colour of the planter - this way the name(s) or letters will stand out a lot more

Ordering, Payment & Delivery

Do you deliver

Yes, our planters would be delivered 'flat pack' UK Nationwide or Overseas

I can't find the planter I want to buy in your On-Line store, what can I do

We believe in showing in our On-Line store only what we have already made, that way we can show real photos of the planters. If you would like a planter in a animal theme not currently shown in our On-Line store, then simply fill in the enquiry form detailing your requested and we'll get straight back to you to help complete your order

How long is delivery

As each of our planters are made to order (we will carry the popular themed planters in stock) please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Can you ship overseas

Yes, we can ship your planter to you overseas - please contact us for a shipping charge if you are based anywhere other than the United Kingdom

How can I order

If you would like to order one of our planters that is shown in our On-Line selection, then simply add the planter to your shopping basket and proceed through to checkout. Your on-line transaction will be 100% safe and secure If you would like to order one of our planters that is not shown in our On-Line selection, then you can either fill out the Enquiry Form, from which we will contact you with more information or you can simply give us a call - either way we would love to hear from you

What payment methods can you accept

We can accept all major credit/debit cards as well as PayPal, direct Bank Transfer or Cheque