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With so much love for Greyhounds and Whippets by so many of our valued customers, it seemed only natural to make this lovely Greyhound / Whippet planter to help celebrate these  elegant breeds to the fullest


With a two pot design, our Greyhound / Whippet planter is made with love to a strong and sturdy metal design.  Easy to assemble and with a rust and weather proof coating, you can be assured our planter will be in use for years to come.


Something a little extra special;

Our Greyhound / Whippet planter can also be personalised with the wording or lettering of your choice, making it not only a lovely feature for your garden but also a lovely pet memorial


The planter is 635mm (25") long x 560mm (22") high x 280mm (11") wide

Greyhound / Whippet Themed Planter

  • Strong & sturdy metal design

    Made from British steel

    Rust proof and weather proof

    For use with two x 9" (approx) diameter flower pots

    Easy to assemble

    Personalisation (optional)

    Stainless steel nuts and bolts

    Delivery: In Stock (Please allow 2-3 Weeks if personalised)

  • Length   =   635mm (25")

    Width     =   280mm (11")

    Height    =   560mm (22")

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